Heated gloves for motorcyclists

Practical tests conducted by motorcycle magazines consistently deliver good results and confirm the positive customer opinions. Here you will find a selection of test reports from various trade magazines. You can read detailed descriptions about the handling, installation and mode of operation of Heizteufel heated gloves and heated underwear in an article of the biker forum Motorrad Online24.
Heizteufel and Baehr product compatibility
There is compatibility between Heizteufel and Baehr heating gloves and heating technology, only the protective cover on the cinch socket must be shortened somewhat, as Heizteufel carries a different type of waterproof connectors. So you can connect Heizteufel battery heating packages as well as heating controls to Baehr gloves as well as vice versa, Heizteufel heating gloves over the heating technology of Baehr operate.
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