12 Volt Heating Package With Continuously Adjustable Housing Heating Control

The flying, also called free hanging case heating control is used for stepless temperature adjustment of heating clothing and heating mats. The input voltage of 7V-15V is very suitable for portable accumulator and battery applications for on the road, for stationary home applications using 12V power supply as well as for mobile 12V-13.8V vehicle applications.

HeizteufelTM supplies tested qualities of heating controls for:
  • 7.4V and 11.1V LiPo and Li-Ion battery packs
  • 220VAC/12VDC mains powered home power applications
  • 12 volt battery powered vehicles such as electric cars, electric scooters, electric wheelchairs, electric scooters
  • 13.8 volt electrical system powered ATVs, motorcycles, scooters, quads, scooters, and other motorized and alternator-equipped vehicles

An infinitely variable heater output is recommended when the desired temperature must be adapted to a wide range of temperature fluctuations.

Examples of variable heat outputs include:
  • Heating gloves with >25 watts, which are worn in very cold as well as warmer temperatures
  • Heated clothing that is exposed to a driving wind (the so-called chill factor noticeably increases the cold temperature)
  • heating mats, whose target heating is already designed for the coldest application case
  • comfort-seeking and temperature-sensitive people, but also temperature-sensitive animals in transit
  • heating products in general, which are exposed to a decreasing supply voltage due to consumption (e.g. technical divers with their battery tanks)

A later change between the heating controls can be carried out in most cases.

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