Battery Ordinance

In connection with the sale of batteries and rechargeable batteries, we are obliged as a dealer under the Battery Ordinance to inform you as a consumer of the following: 

  1. You are legally obliged to return batteries and rechargeable batteries. After use, you can return them to our sales outlet, to a municipal collection point or also to your local retailer.
  2. According to BattV, used batteries must be recycled properly and harmlessly in accordance with the provisions of the Closed Substance Cycle and Waste Management Act, or non-recyclable batteries must be disposed of in a manner compatible with public welfare.
  3. Batteries and rechargeable batteries containing harmful substances are specially marked with a sign consisting of a crossed-out dustbin and the chemical symbol Cd, Hg or Pb of the heavy metal that is decisive for the classification as containing harmful substances. The chemical symbols Cd, Hg and Pb stand for cadmium, mercury and lead (see illustration below).
  4. For labeled batteries and accumulators, these chemical symbols are displayed below the graphic of a crossed-out trash can (see figure below). The pollutants are heavy metals with which the environment must not be polluted under any circumstances.
  5. Batteries and rechargeable batteries must therefore not be disposed of with normal household waste.
  6. End users are obligated to return used batteries or rechargeable batteries. You do not have to differentiate between battery or rechargeable battery type, manufacturer or seller.

Please dispose of used batteries, as required by law, at a municipal collection point, or return them to your local retailer free of charge.

We will dispose of your used batteries and rechargeable batteries in an environmentally friendly manner and free of charge if you send them to us free of charge (sufficiently stamped) to our address. According to BattV, the obligation to take back batteries is limited to batteries or rechargeable batteries that we sell or have carried in our product range, as well as to quantities customary for end consumers.

Note on lithium batteries / rechargeable batteries:  

When returning lithium batteries or accumulators, please insulate the contact surfaces of the batteries marked + and - with adhesive tape to avoid any risk of fire.

Within the framework of the take-back system for used portable batteries in accordance with the legal provisions of the BattG, we have been registered since August 2009 with the Stiftung Gemeinsames Rücknahmesystem Batterien, Heidenkampsweg 44 in 20097 Hamburg, under the registration number 110011630.

We are registered as a manufacturer with the stiftung elektro-altgeräte register (stiftung ear) with the brand Heizteufel and the battery type Gerätebatterien. (Batt-Reg.-Nr. DE 37328243)

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