Heating Packages Complete Sets

Heating packages complete sets with battery packs and battery controls, with 12V and 24 volt heating controls and connection cables as well as 230V house power solutions

Heating packages consist of all the necessary parts to operate heating clothing and heating mats.

Heating packages are available in 3 categories for the

  • Battery operation
  • 12 volt and 24 volt vehicle operation
  • 230 Volt house power operation

Each of these categories can be further subdivided to best suit the application requirement.

Subcategories include:

  • Systems with infinitely adjustable heating controls
  • Systems with multistage also contactless controls
  • Systems with a fixed heating power and without control

Most systems come with a wide variety of installation and operation models such as

  • Surface-mounted variant, e.g. on a board or at a table
  • Built-in variant, e.g. in a fitting or fairing
  • Handlebar variant, e.g. on bicycle or motorcycle handlebars
  • Sensor variant, e.g. contactless technology integrated in the heating product or in the voltage source
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