Baehr, BTS, Gerbing, Klan und Santi

Adapter cables and accessories for connecting Heizteufel products to heating products from Baehr, BTS, Gerbing, Klan and Santi

In competition with international manufacturer brands for heated gloves and heated clothing such as from BaehrTM, BTSTM, GerbingTM, KlanTM, SANTITM, Yellow DivingTM and other suppliers, we, HeizteufelTM, as a German designer and manufacturer of high-quality heated textiles and heated clothing, do not have to shy away from any comparison - neither in quality, functionality, wearing comfort nor in price-performance ratio. For many customers, Heizteufel was already a "real" alternative to established brand products in the early 2000s. In the meantime Heizteufel has become one of the leading heating clothing brands for "strong warmth and innovation in extreme sports".

Over the years, changes and extensions of the HeizteufelTM heating clothing requested by customers have been taken into account. On the basis of already existing heating clothing advantages and the existence of still used articles of these third party suppliers Heizteufel offers a possibility to offer also to this circle of heated clothing customers interesting and high-quality heating products and accessories with simple and economical extensions.

For Baehr customers and its heated gloves, an almost complete compatibility between glove-control-board connection is given due to the cinch interface. This means that Heizteufel's battery packs can also be used for the gloves. Conversely, Heizteufel's heated underwear can be plugged into the Baehr heating control.

For BTS- and SANTI- as well as Gerbing- and Klan-customers different adapters are offered, which allow to combine all devices of these manufacturers with Heizteufel products. If you, as a long-time customer of these mentioned manufacturers, are missing an adaptation or a solution, we are very open-minded to your problem as well as to your idea for a solution.

We are looking forward to welcome you in the family of Heizteufel customers.

Andreas Mischok

Note: Before using the adapter, make sure that the polarity of the power source and power consumers to be connected is correct. To do this, measure the voltage of the Santi battery tank and compare the polarity with the polarity shown here. Basically, the cinch assignment of Heizteufel plug connections is +V on the inside and -V on the outside. A warranty on third-party products due to faulty connections is excluded.
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