Stainless Steel Heated Shelves & Warming Drawers

Heatable metal plates made of aluminum and acid-resistant stainless steel provide full-surface heating from 0°C up to 100°C. The heating plates are operated on low voltage via ballasts and increase operational safety. Upon request, heatable metal plates can be manufactured up to a thickness of 1mm - 10mm and a maximum length of 60cm x 150cm. Also, several heating plates can be combined with each other or can be made up as multi-layer plate heating. In addition, Heizteufel offers suitable insulating materials for one-sided thermal insulation and textile fabric covers laminated on one side for fashionable design.

The heatable metal plates are operated with 12V or 24V. The connection to 230V is made by power supply units of appropriate capacity. Heating of the heating surface is uniform and without hot-spot formation. The heating power depends on input voltage, target temperature and heating plate size as well as plate thickness. Heating controls as well as thermostat controls are indispensable for a wide variety of applications and individually desired target heating. Here, too, we can help with a wide range of high-quality technologies and heating packages.

The desired target temperature can be generated
  • by means of a 12V/24V heating control in the version of built-in, surface-mounted and enclosure controls
  • with a thermostat control, either as a fixed temperature control (for low-cost serial use) or adjustable digital control with display (for development and research processes as well as for demanding applications).
  • Heat plates are frequently used in work, nature and environment.

  • Gastronomy and large kitchens for heating cutlery, dishes and food, e.g. also food transport boxes
  • Medical technology for heating blood bags, medicine cabinets and doctor's cutlery
  • Vehicle painters for heating spray paints
  • Almond burners for sustained heating of fired almonds to prevent oxidation
  • Standing workplaces and visitor areas outdoors and indoors, for events
  • Stair landings and step edges, heated checker plate, also as heatable stair edge with angle profile
  • road and traffic signs against snowing
  • resting and lying areas for animals in cold weather
  • Transport boxes to protect technology against condensation and to keep food warm
  • Support and accelerate technical work processes

The heating plates are flame retardant as well as self-extinguishing, ecological and free of allergic substances. Heizteufel produces the heating plates and the corresponding heating control technology in Berlin. Thus we can support you promptly in your heating and warmth project, whether by application and development experiences or by individual productions and product adaptations. Our customers come from the automotive and truck industry, medical and air conditioning technology, boat and yacht building, bathtub and birthing pool production, environmental technology, gastronomy and event management, aviation, security and technical diving.

For the automotive and commercial vehicle industries, our heating mats meet the requirements of UN/ECE-R118.

We are looking forward to your request for cooperation.

Andreas Mischok
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