Standard Heating Mats

Carbon heating mats for demanding and professional applications

Heizteufel designs and produces technically very safe, power-saving and high-quality heating mats and stainless steel heating plate solutions for a wide range of applications in laboratory technology and research, automotive development - especially commercial vehicle development, aviation technology and marine technology as well as in health and medical technology.

Heatable mats with carbon represent the innovative state of the art in the field of surface heating. HeizteufelTM heating mats are thin (<2mm), flexible, lightweight, water repellent, flame retardant and easy to process, e.g. to fix with an adhesive. Also, several heating mats can be combined with each other. Prefabrication of the cabling will be gladly carried out. Customer-specific requirements are combined with powerful, practicable solutions which, in addition to high performance, also stand for simple installation and operation with great sustainability and power efficiency. Be it heating mats and heating plates with cut-outs and curves, which are also designed for voltage supplies of 12V, 24V, 36V and 48V by means of control and regulation technology, or provide heating power for the temperature ranges frost protection - human/animal temperature - heat surfaces up to 100°C.

From series production to custom-made products, customer requests are always designed for price-performance-optimal heating solutions and manufactured in our workshop. Each delivered product undergoes extensive final testing in accordance with USA military standard MIL-STD-105E.

Heizteufel guarantees first-class quality of its products.

High-quality power supply electronics are offered with the heating mats. These include fanless industrial power supplies with >50,000 operating hours as well as specially assembled LiPo battery packs, which are equipped with additional self-heating for extreme climate zones or deep-freeze houses.

The target temperature is set by means of fixed temperature and digitally adjustable thermostat controls. Alternatively, manually adjustable heating controls with push-button or potentiometer operation are offered for surface mounting or integration into enclosures or panels.

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Andreas Mischok 
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