Medicinal heat

Heating gloves for pain relief and improved well-being of muscle and rheumatism sufferers, Raynaud's syndrome and scleroderma sufferers

German Society for Muscular Diseases (DGM)

Heizteufel supports the information and training events of the DGM in the context of special topic days with consultation and presentation of therapy-accompanying heat products for humans with handicap. Please arrange your participation with the respective regional association of the DGM.


"Systemic Sclerosis" Doctor-Patient Discussion

The Charité has specialized in the treatment of scleroderma, Raynaud's disease and rheumatism patients with the Rheumatological Day Clinic and in cooperation with the German Rheumatism League Berlin e.V. in Berlin. 

Since 2002, Heizteufel employees have been working with dermatological and rheumatism-specialized university clinics in Germany to produce optimal heating clothing that relieves pain, supports therapies, and improves patients' well-being so that they can once again enjoy participating in social life. This includes getting out in the cold for errands, visits and work.
Our heating products are also seen as an alternative to more expensive medications and heat therapies, as they are always available to the patient and an investment can be used for years. I am often asked by chronically ill people who have heard about the positive successes in their self-help groups whether the costs are covered by health insurance. Our information is "unfortunately no", since heatable gloves were excluded by the legislator to be recognized as aids.

Although with the heating clothing substantially more expensive medicines and heat therapies could be replaced and correspond thus to an optimal and medical cost-reducing supply, I can understand the annoyance of many of my customers. Nevertheless, chronically ill people should not give up hope and courage to ask your health insurance company for reimbursement. Since the health insurance company is aware of your medical records and may be able to provide an additional medical certificate from your specialist, to my knowledge, over 50 percent of all requests for reimbursement of costs are approved in proportion to the full amount.

Of course you do not have to wait that long for us, we are available for you by email and phone 030-49308446, you are also welcome to visit us in Berlin.

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