Heated Underwear for Riding and Carriage Driving

Viscose underwear: absorbs less moisture than cotton, it is less sensitive to frequent use and many washings.

Heating technology with Heizteufel heating wires: while woven sewing threads with silver oxide vaporized heating conductors show obsolescence of the heating threads after only a few washes, our heating wires are permanently washable. Especially incorrectly used detergents lead to a rapid loss of the heating wires. Heating wires also do not like overstretching, not to mention the sensitivity of the material to pointed or angular objects, which destroy the heating wire. Our heating wires can neither be damaged by wrong detergents or too high washing degrees, nor overstretching, nor pointed or edged objects.

Heating power: the heating heat is designed for great cold. Neither the heating technology nor the textiles show weakness in the materials at very high heating power. Theoretically we can heat the heating laundry with more than 100°C without causing malfunctions in the heating clothing. However, we optimize heating power and heating time for you to find your greatest possible pleasure in our heating garments.

Universal application of Heizteufel heating garments: A special trademark of Heizteufel heating garments is the operation with different power supplies, which emphasizes the versatility and independence for all users. Whether with small high-performance battery packs in the jacket or trouser pocket for on the way or with professional battery packs in the belt clip pocket for the all-day heating of working people, athletes and sick people in need of care, whether with 12 volt and 24 volt battery and vehicle operating voltage or with 110V / 230V alternating current from the socket via a Heizteufel power supply unit - the heating clothing is suitable "unlimited" for all voltage sources.

Individuality of the customer's request for special heating underwear: As different as the cold sensation of humans is, so individually we deal with the special heating requests and heating zones of our customers: whether old, again broken open sport injuries at tendon and bone, at the joint or muscle, postoperative phantom pains, chronic blood circulation disturbances and muscle illnesses, cold-conditioned feeling dustiness or also for the heat therapy for the relief of pain - physical well-being by warmth promotes the life feeling and the participation in the societal life. 

Innovation and tradition: Specially developed non-contact heating controls for high-performance battery packs, waterproof plug connections and cold-flexible cables are part of the premium equipment and application comfort of a Heizteufel heating garment.
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