24 Volt DC Heating Packages

24 Volt Heater Packs consist of a set of battery cables, on-board power cables, interconnect cables, and a heater controller necessary to connect the heater clothing and heater mat to a 24V power source.

Each of these 24 volt heater packages comes with different heater controls and functions to best suit application needs:
  • Systems with continuously adjustable heating controls.
  • Systems with multi-stage even contactless controls
  • Systems with a fixed heating power and without control

The heating control systems enable different installation and operation models such as
  • surface mounted, e.g. on a board, a drawer or on a table
  • built-in variant, e.g. in a fitting or casing
  • handlebar variant, e.g. on the round handlebars of a bicycle or motorcycle
  • Sensor variant, e.g. contactless technology integrated in the heating product or in the voltage source
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