Heated Mats and Carpets for Pets and Small Animals

For man's best friend, sufficient warmth in old age and also on the road is an important condition for the health and well-being of the dog. Thus, not only for everyday transport in the trunk, in the kennel or a box, as well as on the dog training ground and in the kennel, it is necessary to provide sufficient warmth. Certain dog breeds, e.g. Rhodesian Ridgeback, have a higher heat requirement and need active warming already for medical reasons.

Heizteufel produces electrosmog-free heating mats and heating carpets, which are very safe for robust outdoor use, in case of water, dirt, urine as well as dog bites. The heating products are designed for operation
  • in the house and kennel with 230V power supply unit
  • in the car with 12V on-board plug
  • outdoors, on the training ground and in the dog buggy with battery heating package

Heizteufels waterproof heating mats for small animals can be adjusted to the exact temperature of the species-appropriate heat balance.

The heating mats are used both for the stationary employment in the veterinary practice and with the animal breeding like home animal care.

For packable small animal transport, powerful, lightweight battery packs provide the necessary warming during the transport time.
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