Healing Heat for Rehab & Therapy

Special diseases need targeted, body zone-oriented healing heat for pain relief and accompanying heat therapy.

Since 2001 Heizteufel has been working with doctors and clinics as well as patients and self-help groups to produce heating solutions for cold-related pain, stress and disease progression in a simple, user-friendly and actionable way. In addition some heating products count as a good and economical heat therapeutic accompanying measure, other heating products supply a completely important and immediately noticeable physical relief with cold-sensitive illnesses, which lead to the large joy of the users also always into a life-joyful well-being and a positive mental balance to itself and your environment.

German Society for Muscular Diseases (DGM)

Heizteufel supports the information and training events of the DGM in the context of special theme days with consultation and presentation of therapy-accompanying heat products for people with handicap. Please arrange your participation with the respective regional association of the DGM.

Heating Clothing and Heating Technology From Heizteufel in Berlin

Heizteufel produces an extensive range of heating clothing for people with and without disabilities, for whom heating warmth brings more than just a medical-therapeutic benefit and contributes to the return of an improved quality of life, as well as being an expression of a positive attitude to life.

The heated clothing for rehabilitation patients, muscle patients and wheelchair users includes
  • heated undershirts and underpants
  • heated gloves and heated insoles
  • heated seat cushions and heating mats
  • heated sleeves and leg warmers
  • heated jackets and coats
  • wheelchair specific heating systems

Heated clothing can be powered by portable battery packs, 12/ 24 volt vehicle power or 110V / 230V house power via a Heizteufel power supply. Small, waterproof heating controls support free temperature selection at the touch of a button, by rotary potentiometer, as well as touchless for people with hand problems or reaching and touch difficulties. The sensor technology also works through clothing. For people with low temperature sensitivity, thermostatic controllers can be incorporated in the heating garment, in the battery packs or in the cable.

We are happy to accommodate special requests for special clothing and heating technology. Thus Heizteufel carries out constructive planning up to the final product in cooperation with the staff of electronics, tailoring and technology. Custom-made products and the heating product-related processing of clothing provided by the customer can be realized in many cases.

Of course, you do not have to wait so long for us. We are available for you by e-mail info@heizteufel.de and telephone 030-49308446. You are also welcome to visit us in Berlin.

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