Daily Glove - Very Sensitive

Elegant and fashionable heated gloves with very fine tactile feel and excellent heat performance for the special moments in life.

A heated glove may also be fashionable and stylish, also, and especially because of that, if a part of the typical winter characteristic as with the fully insulated, more voluminous day gloves is replaced in favor of a very high tactile and gripping feeling. Thus, it is the fine as well as sensitive finger contacts that allow sensitive touches and touching even small coins from the purse - so wearing these gloves allows to perform all the usual activities with the hand, without having to take off the gloves.

Particularly worth mentioning is the extensive heating of the inner and outer fingers, palm and outer hand. This kind of all-around warming of a hand provides the greatest possible comfort, which of course requires somewhat larger battery packs with higher capacity and power, such as those produced by Heizteufel. Finally, a windproof and waterproof climate membrane provides the premium quality that makes these very thin gloves an incomparable heating product.

The highly sensitive and very good warming heating gloves are suitable for
  • people who want to wear something warming elegant
  • suffering people who need to wear heating gloves all day long
  • professionals who perform sensitive work at cold workplaces both indoors and outdoors, such as draftsmen, musicians, architects, PC nerds and many others
  • and for people who often and much freeze

The "sensitive" heated glove model range is represented by
  • Ladies First: a slim cut heated glove with goat suede on the inside of the hand for excellent grip, fashionable backhand trim and functional zipper that keeps the battery in place and makes the glove elegant to wear even without battery use.
  • Love & Peace: a slightly airy cut, very soft and totally comfortable to wear heating glove, made of goat full leather, offering extreme grip, very high mobility and excellent tactile sensation even for each finger. "Love & Peace" for some connoisseurs will be the rebirth of the gloves of the 20s and 30s, possibly relive as the heirloom of grandpa, others will recognize "Love & Peace" as retro or vintage of the 60s in the USA. Indeed, weren't those glove qualities that have outlived everything else to the present? Some longing for that kind of perfection in material and execution is to be transformed into the present by "Love & Peace", combined with innovative technology - and it doesn't have to stop at the glove alone.
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