Heatable Day Gloves With Very High Thermal Performance and Insulating Properties for Extremely Cold Winters and People Who Feel Very Cold

The extremely warming day heating gloves from Heizteufel offer especially in the Dual Heat (= heating on both sides) gloves a large-area and powerful warming, supported by a somewhat voluminous high-tech insulation padding, which keeps out great cold and provides excellent accumulation heat around the hand and fingers. A windproof and waterproof yet breathable climate membrane for always dry hands and optimization of thermal performance.

The fully insulated and extremely well warming heating gloves are suitable for
  • people with hand handicap like Raynaud's or scleroderma
  • sporty people in paragliding, on motorcycle or horseback
  • adventure and outdoor specialists for ice and glacier hikes
  • and for people who often and much freeze

With the kind permission of the editorial office "Mein Pferd" we publish the following field report about the heated glove "Rider", which is identical in construction to the heated glove "Darling". There are a number of functional features that make this extremely likeable and "very good" heating glove the first choice for everyday winter use.

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