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Heizteufel customer opinions and thank you notes

We regularly receive letters of thanks from happy users of our products from all over Germany and from Austria and Switzerland. Of course we are happy when we contribute a part to improve the quality of life of other people. - Thank you for your trust in us, our products and our daily work.

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Consultation heated gloves skiing

A year ago I had contact with you for the first time. I received great advice and ended up buying the Dual heat glove "Ladies first". I am overjoyed with it. Through this great glove I got back a piece of quality of life. Thanks to the glove I can go outside in the snow with my children without getting blue hands after a few minutes. (Diagnosis: Scleroderma)
Josefine B.

I suffer from Raynaud's disease and suffered a lot white fingers, everything was very painful. And now everything is different, never again white fingers and never again cold hands, it's just wonderful, thank you for this wonderful invention!
Petra J.

I bought 3.5 years ago the the heating glove "mitten" with you and am really very grateful for the warmth in winter. So it is at least possible for me to walk about 1.5 hours in the forest at -10 degrees without getting frostbite!
Hans-Georg R.

Feed back Armling

THANK YOU for this super part!!! Am totally thrilled with it. Have since I can think for the first time no frozen off right arm, if I am outside and not grad constantly a pulse over 140 hab. again THANK YOU!!!!
Sven O.

Finally warm hands when diving. Gladly I come back to Heizteufel when I need spare parts. To lead the cable outside to the gloves is absolutely super. So you can easily get to it and after plugging it in, you can easily slide it under the ring of the dry glove.
Thorsten A.

The heated shoe insoles "In Sole de Luxe" have proven themselves very well. Especially also by the fact that these can be operated longer and more conveniently with the normal power wheelchair battery instead of a small battery. I can "warmly" recommend these soles.
Jörg G.

Everything is in perfect order. and what is best, my wife is now very happy with the, for her much more pleasant heating performance. I can really recommend the product with the technology for people with sensitive and painful fingers because you do not have to exert great pressure when switching but still perceives the switching through the fabric and at the same time has a visual control of the instantaneous state. A real improvement that can be recommended.
Heinrich P.

I just returned from a long test drive with the new heating vest. A big praise to you, I am thrilled.
Bernhard U.

Total enthusiasm
Many thanks for the ingenious Dual Heat gloves! Finally I can go back to the ski slopes in cold temperatures and have my fun again! I don't even need the warmest level and I have warm fingers.
Anne-Marie V.

I would like to thank you for the quick repair of my heated glove. Your service is top! I will recommend you to friends and acquaintances and will definitely buy from you again.
Tim E.

I have ordered from you 2 weeks ago the underglove with the batteries Medi Touch 2. Today I had the first "use" of the gloves. First I must say that I suffer from scleroderma and thus from a very strong Raynaud's syndrome. The gloves are simply great. I had warm, sometimes even really hot hands. Thank you very much.
Philipp R.

Panties and batteries work excellent and are a great relief or help in my everyday life, for example, when riding a motorcycle or lighter outdoor activities. So, my compliments and expressed satisfaction with your products.
Helga P.

The two U-Hand type heated gloves are on their way to you. The "inGlove" I keep, because it is really ingenious. Congratulations !!! The best thing I have had in my hands so far.
Stefan W.

super - great - thank you
I go every year to the old elephant meeting and even at minus 15 degrees you magic-warm-shoe warmer heats great
Rolf L.

Have yesterday for the first time the "Rider" gloves properly tried on my scooter.  AND I AM THRILLED!!! There is no wind through and the fingers are nice and warm exactly where it has to be speak on the back of the fingers. The Reiter gloves are super soft / comfortable and they also look (for a woman) a little more mannerly than motorcycle gloves if you also so anhat.
Karin T.

I am satisfied with the gloves, the heating capacity was absolutely sufficient for the temperatures around 0 ° C,'s colder, this should also not be a problem. By the way, I find the inner lining good: you can put on the gloves even with wet hands without any problems. Who is on the road in winter and rainy weather, will appreciate this!
Hartmut D.

Without these gloves I would not have made it through the cold season. They are used almost all year round, A few weeks ago I bought heated gloves from you for my wife. Since she uses your gloves, she is like changed. Also when cycling: Always warm hands. Your gloves are so far "every penny" who we paid for them!!!
Couple S.

I've been a year-round motorcyclist for a few years now. Without your great moped gloves would not be possible (unless you feel like losing your fingers). Last year I treated myself to your batteries in addition to the cables to the battery out of sheer laziness regarding the cables before the ride. :) It was definitely worth it. The things keep very long and also sufficiently warm when it's already crisp. In this sense great praise to you!
Benno H.

Dear Sir or Madam, I was very pleased with the heating mat for my gynecological instruments especially its reliable function. After my old heater failed after 21 years, I was able to replace it without any problems thanks to your product, and above all my patients are now happy to have preheated instruments again. So buying from you has been a pleasure all round.
Dr.  Gerhard U.

The vest has arrived. Of course, I tried them this morning immediately. What can I say? This thing is a blast! Hardly connected, the heat from all sides creeps into you purely. For this, I give it 10 out of 10 points! The build quality is perfect. You get real value for your money. I think I will enjoy it for a very long time.
Frank N.

The gloves fit perfectly and the workmanship you have done very well. Thank you very much for your effort.
Renate G.

Bought the super heatable gloves from you on the spot! I am totally thrilled, as a scleroderma I have to fight constantly with my Raynaud's syndrome.
Waltraud A.

Am very satisfied with the gloves. Thank you very much. Finally no more cold fingers.
Gisela M.

I just want to tell you that I am very pleased with your gloves. My previous gloves from the company (...) were poor against yours. The heating power is a blast!!! Especially the 3 levels - optimal. I am thrilled every day anew.
Uwe C.

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