About Heizteufel

Craftsmanship From Berlin

Heizteufel produces heatable gloves, shoe insoles, clothing and underwear. Our products are applicable in sports, leisure and at work. In professional use, our heatable clothing is suitable for a wide range of professions. Our heated gloves are mainly used by wheelchair users, cyclists, horse riders and of course motorcyclists. 

A Reliable Partner in the Name of Health

For 25 years, the Heizteufel company has been the first port of call for numerous Raynaud's and scleroderma patients. In particular, the heated gloves regularly enjoy great popularity among people with cold fingers and hands.
In cooperation with rheumatologists and dermatologists Heizteufel developed products for therapeutic support of different body regions. Many affected patients comment positively on the soothing effect of the heat. Thus Heizteufel products contribute to a newly won quality of life of many affected persons. 

Expansion of the Product Portfolio

Since 2003 Heizteufel has also been developing heating mats made of carbon foil. These are used in various areas. The areas of application range from motorcyclists to people with muscle and joint pain. 

In addition, Heizteufel supplies customer-specific heating mats for a wide range of applications. The purpose of use is both mobile, portable and stationary possible. The heating mats are equipped with thermostat controls and wired, non-contact controls. Examples of applications include heated massage tables, seat heaters, drawer heaters and appliance heaters.

Customizable Heated Products

Heizteufel offers private individuals the opportunity to customize products to meet individual needs. On the one hand, this can involve customizing the performance and function of the heating control. Likewise, gloves and garments can be modified (within certain limits).

Projects in Collaboration With Companies

Heizteufel combines inventiveness with exquisite materials and ergonomic design. Several companies, including some well-known ones, have realized the most diverse projects with Heizteufel.

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