Heated Seat Cushions and Back Warming Mats

Heatable seat cushions and back warming mats for office, garden and work in halls and office containers, for mobile use in cars, trucks, cranes, e-wheelchairs as well as for hunting, rowing and sailing

Seat cushion heaters and back warming mats provide a warming base for the buttocks as well as a warming backrest that can be freely positioned to warm the shoulder-neck or lumbar kidneys. The heated seat cushions and back mats are made of all-weather, durable textile and are very suitable for use in rugged environments, whether indoors or outdoors.

Heated seat mats and back warmers allow versatile use for home and RV, at work, in the office or on the road, hunting or sports, as a car and truck seat heater, on a camping chair, wooden bench or high seat, rowing, sailing or fishing.
  • Battery operation for on the road during hunting or sporting events, for working in an office container or outdoors and without the need for a power connection
  • 12 volt and 24 volt vehicle operation via the cigarette lighter or on-board socket, simple and well suited as a seat and back heater
  • 230V socket operation, via a suitable Heizteufel power supply, suitable everywhere where a socket is nearby, in the office, in the warehouse and in the work or office container, but also in the caravan and garden, at winter markets, outdoor events and trade fairs for employees and guests.

Heizteufels heated seat cushions and back warmers are easy to connect and quickly provide excellent heating with optimal energy efficiency.
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