Cold Storage

Cold Storage Heizteufel Theme World

Heatable solutions for working in cold storage

Heizteufel offers you a wide range of heating solutions for working in cold storage. A current selection of heatable products for commercial use and employees in cold storage currently includes:
  • Heating pouches for mobile printers, barcode scanners and PDA devices.
  • Heated rubber mats for the footwells of refrigerated forklift trucks, which also serve geometrically shaped dimensions
  • Heated seats, backrests and armrests in deep-freeze vehicles
  • Fully heated mats and V2A stainless steel plates
  • Heatable packaging and processing tables, specially heated plates for industrial workers, the heating is carried out in the foot area as well as in the lower body and is a contribution as an occupational safety measure
  • Heated work clothes, heated under gloves, heated socks and insoles
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