Heating Tapes

Very flexible heating tapes with full surface heating for extreme indoor and outdoor use.

Our carbon foil heating tapes have the following and very innovative performance features:
  • full-surface heating from the first to the last square centimeter of heating tape area
  • no hotspot formation or partial overheating of properly installed or fixed heating tapes
  • uniform heat emission with optimal, fully unrolled installation
  • heat-treated non-woven textile on both sides for pleasant feel, optional single-sided laminated self-adhesive foil, which ensures high adhesive strength on metal, plastic, stone and wood. The laminated self-adhesive foil offers fast and cost-effective installation as well as professional application of the heating tapes to objects and items to be heated
  • the very thin mat height of < 2mm allows the installation of the heating tapes around edges and angles, round and square sensors, components, hollow bodies, surfaces, pipes and housings
  • allows individual drilling of the heating tapes up to 20mm diameter and cutting of several geometrical holes (of maximum 20mm each in the heating mat width and up to a length = maximum heating mat length - 10cm) without functional restriction
  • high safety in case of attempted destruction and sabotage by fire and cutting tools
  • the heating technology of the heating tapes itself is waterproof according to IP69. The one-sided, textile heating mat cover in the color anthracite is splash-proof according to IP64, optionally available also in the color white as immersion-proof and wipe-proof textile heating mat cover suitable for hygiene according to IP69
  • high support weight resp. load capacity of more than 100kg/m²
  • high temperature resistance up to 60°C (type 60) and up to 120°C (type 120)
  • good low-temperature properties and high flexibility of the heating tapes enable processing and installation even at -20°C
  • the temperature range of the tapes is from -50°C to 120°C, that of the electronics from -30°C to 50°C (depending on the components)
  • lightweight and rollable heating tapes for easy transportation
  • heating tapes of any size can be made in rectangular surface shape
  • small sizes from 10mm x 20mm (width x length) up to large sizes of 100mm x 1500mm or X times this size
  • multi-voltage heating mats are designed for power supply from 1.2VDC to 48VDC and are therefore "electrosmog-free".
  • the heating tapes can be supplied with laminated V2A stainless steel plate as single-sided and as double-sided metal plate
  • with optional single-sided laminated insulating material we further ensure good thermal efficiency and reduced electricity costs
  • supplied with 220VAC power supplies and AC/DC adapters with waterproof connectors
  • wide adjustment ranges of heating power and temperature by means of touch, push and potentiometer heating controls in wired and wireless versions
  • application-safe temperature controls in the form of digital settings, with and without display, wireless and wired, or also as a simple fixed temperature control with long product lifetime

For the automotive industry and commercial vehicle construction, our heating mats meet the requirements of UN/ECE-R118
We will be happy to provide you with a free quotation for your heating or heating project. The more detailed you tell us your requirements (with drawings or photos), the better we can work out the product-technical solution with you.
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