Heated Carpets for Mobile and Stationary Applications

Heizteufel's heatable carpets are made of high quality materials, provide even heating without hot spots or cold bridges and are very suitable for indoor and wet-protected outdoor use. For wet areas, we recommend heated rubber mats.

The heating mats are designed for use or power supply with low voltage. This is done for health, environmental and safety reasons.

Thus Heizteufels heating carpets can be operated with 12V-24V-36V-48V, for cars, trucks, commercial vehicles and motor homes. It is recommended to use a heating control or thermostat control for individual heat adjustment.

A very valuable industrial power supply, designed for 50,000 minimum operating hours, provides for the socket connection or 220VAC domestic power operation, for use in the office, workplace in the office container or warehouse, at winter markets, outdoor events and trade fairs for employees and guests.

For the very special use of the heating carpets without existing power supply Heizteufel supplies 15V high performance battery packs, which are designed for industrial use and are specially assembled by us for this purpose. Each battery pack is individually quality, capacity and safety tested by our engineering department to ensure long-lasting use in remote regions such as arctic winters.

Heizteufels heated carpets are easy to connect and quickly provide excellent heating with optimal energy efficiency. 

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