Heated Underwear for Diving

Heizteufel is a German manufactory for heated clothing and heating technology. 

For heated diving, the Heizteufel company in Berlin has opened up a steadily growing circle of divers with their high-quality and sophisticated heated clothing models. Their innovative heating products range from double-sided heated diving gloves, underwear shirts and pants as well as their own diving battery assembly and production of contactless diving heating controls to functional clothing tailored to individual heating needs and rounded off with a selection of cable adapters for Santi, BTS and Yellow Diving.

With heated underwear for diving, manufactured by Heizteufel in Berlin, you have many advantages such as perfect warming, battery technology without feed-through, durability, washability and wearing comfort.

Universal application of Heizteufel heated clothing: A special trademark of Heizteufel heated clothing is the operation with different power supplies, which emphasizes the versatility and independence for all users. Whether with small high-performance battery packs in the jacket or trouser pocket for on the way or with professional battery packs in the belt clip pocket for all-day heating of working people, athletes and sick people in need of care, whether with 12 volt and 24 volt battery and vehicle operating voltage or with 110V / 230V alternating current from the socket via a Heizteufel power supply unit - the heating clothing is suitable "unlimited" for all voltage sources.

Individuality of the customer's request for special heating underwear: As different as the cold sensation of humans is, so individually we deal with the special heating requests and heating zones of our customers: whether old, again broken open sport injuries at tendon and bone, at the joint or muscle, postoperative phantom pain, chronic blood circulation disturbances and muscle illnesses, cold-conditioned feeling dustiness or also for the heat therapy for the relief of pain - physical well-being by warmth promotes the life feeling and the participation in the societal life. 

Innovation and tradition: Specially developed non-contact heating controls for high-performance battery packs, waterproof plug connections and cold-flexible cables are part of the premium equipment and application comfort of a Heizteufel heating garment.
Multimeter for Li-Ion/LiPo-Battery Packs and Heated Devices
An instant and simply to get status of Li-Ion/LiPo-battery packs connected with heated devices (ie shirt, gloves and socks) comes with this mulitimeter which is showing on a backlighted display following measurements:  Battery Voltage and Capacity, Current Load and Resistance of the Heated Product.
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