Die Wärmeprofis für kalte Tage

12 Volt heat pack with Integrated Heat Control

An adjustable heating output is recommended to ensure that the desired temperature can be maintained if the outside temperature changes.

Examples for variable heating are amongst others.

  • Heated gloves with > 25 Watts which can be worn during colder and milder temperatures.
  • Heated clothing that are used in instances where there is a headwind (the wind chill factor makes you feel the cold a lot more)
  • Heat mats that are used for the coldest conditions.
  • For people who are  looking for comfort, who are sensitive to cold temperatures, animals as well and
  • General heating products that are used in conjunction with supply voltage (such as technical divers with NiCad batteries)     

In most cases it is possible to change the heating control at a later date.

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