Die Wärmeprofis für kalte Tage

12 Volt Heat Packs

12 Volt and 13.8 Volt heating packs comprise a set of battery, charging and connecting cables as well as a possible heating control unit, required for connecting heated clothing and heat mats to a 12 Volt power supply.

Each heat packs comes with various functions and installation options to ensure that the product can be best tailored for you needs.

  • continuously adjustable heat control
  • touchless control unit with numerous levels
  • units with constant heat output and without a control unit

Each of these heating packs allows an individual installation such as:

  • Platform variant, e.g. on a board, a drawer or on a table
  • Fitted variant, e.g. Within the armature or casing
  • Steering wheel variant, e.g. on the handle bars or steering wheels of bicycles, quads or motorcycles
  • Sensor variant, e.g. within a heated product, in the connector cable or within the power sources integrated touch free control unit.


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