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Die Wärmeprofis für kalte Tage

Heat packs with battery heat control and battery packs, with 12V and 24V vehicle power solutions and 230V home power systems

Heat packs consist of all parts necessary for the use of heated clothing and heat mats.

Heat packs come in 3 varieties

·         Battery powered

·         12 Volt and 24 Volt vehicle powered

·         230 Volt Home power

Each of these categories can be further split into further sub-categories in order to ensure that the product is tailored to your exact needs.
These categories include  

  • Continuously adjustable heat control unit
  • Multi level touch free systems
  • Constant output systems without a heat control unit



The heat control units are able to be used for various applications such as:


  • Stand alone option, e.g. on a table, in a drawer or on a board
  • In-built option, e.g. in the armature or in the casing or covering
  • Steering option, e.g. on the handle bars of a bicycle or motorcycle
  • Sensor option, e.g. integrated into a heating product or into the power source adapter unit with touch free technology. 
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